Water Cooling


Every Summer most of us in the hot areas have to deal with hot water coming from  taps , overhead tank insulation or shading does not yield satisfactory result as the water from the desalination plant is hot. MEPCO USA  Chillers will provide with cold water throughout the summer even with the ambient temperature of 50°C  APPLICATION.

At Building service sector such as Residential houses, commercial buildings , Hospitals & Hotels  , refreshing effect of bath is lost due to the temperature of water being higher than the body temperature , children can easily get burned from such hot taps  water,  fruits , Vegetables & Meat cannot maintain their freshness when washed with hot water ,  LAUNDRY: Delicate and expensive Fabric damage occure due to hot water in washing machines.

At Other Industrial Application KoolHeat™ Chillers can be used in the application related to Laboratory equipment, welding equipment ,die Casting,  Machine tooling , chemical Processing ,Pharmaceutical formulation ,food and beverage processing & vacuum systems

Where can KoolHeat™ Chiller be used?

– KOOLHEAT™ water chillers is the best solution for your needs to cool the water inside the roof water storage tanks in the areas where the ambient temperature reaches above 45-50 ֯ C causing a discomfort water temperature to the users.
– Delicate fabrics loose their quality when washed in hot water. KOOLHEAT™ is the best solution to maintain the quality of these fabrics when washed in cold water.
– To avoid discomfort when your family washes their hands, KOOLHEAT™ will provide you the water with a reasonable temperature for comfortable use for hand washing.
– To have a refresh bath, the temperature of water should be closer to the body temperature,KOOLHEAT™ will chill the water to a comfortable temperature for ideal use of shower.
– Meat, vegetable & fruits will loose their freshness when cleaned with hot water,KOOLHEAT™ will help to keep these products fresh when flushed with cold water.
– KOOLHEAT™ can be used in other different industrial applications where cold water is required such as water jet cutting , die casting, gas cooling ,welding equipment & many other different applications.

How KoolHeat™ Chiller works.

Water Cooling

A- Water Storage Tank : Water is Hot due to the high ambient temperature.
B- Water Pump: Circulates the water between The tank & the Chiller heat exchanger.
C- Heat Exchanger : inlet Hot Water Exchanges the cold Temperature from Refrigerant then back cold to the storage Tank.
D- Compressor : Refrigerant is sucked back to the compressor then passes through condenser coils transferring its heats with the outside ambient air temperature which is coming in.
E- Fan : Takes Hot Air out
F- Expansion Valve : Reduces Pressure & temperature of the Liquid Refrigerant which is coming inside Heat Exchanger to a very cold Level & exchange it with the Hot Temperature of the water.